2016 The Year Ahead


By Neil Kramer

Source: NeilKramer.com

2016 will rigorously test people’s readiness to embody their truth. Can we live the wisdom and transformation we’ve been cultivating over years of study, journeying, and contemplation? Can we summon the strength to have our outside accurately reflect our inside? Are we ready to run our own world yet?

In many schools of mystical study, polarity is a key principle. The student is taught that everything in life is dual. All phenomena have pairs of opposites, as observed in the primal forces of birth and death, day and night, order and chaos, joy and sorrow. Over time, through experientially mapping and understanding the interplay of each set of polarities in our own lives, we may gradually determine a point of equilibrium that reveals the hidden teachings of these mysterious fluctuations. What we must be careful to avoid, is clinging to just one end of life’s naturally divergent polarizations. And herein lie the trials set forth in the world’s current crises.

At every turn, the synthetic culture of Empire implores us to throw our hearts and minds into unconscious polarization. It wants us to radicalize ourselves to either patriot or terrorist, believer or atheist, white or black, liberal or conservative, strong or weak, and then embark on an endless crusade to reform, condemn, or destroy the other side. This one-way polarization renders all participants impotent, regardless of which side they pick. This subtle but devastating trick deactivates our will and we automatically forfeit our capacity to rule ourselves. Lost in unconscious polarization, we serve Empire.

Nevertheless, whilst Empire’s constant telegraphing of fear can be unsettling, its power to deceive is unquestionably failing to influence legions of honorable humans who refuse to hand over their discernment to the corrupt and compliant media. The sock puppet terror cells and fabricated economic cataclysms are fraying at the edges and their artificial nature is pitifully evident. The official narrative betrays only those who choose to hide from reality. For them we can do nothing, until they do something for themselves.

It is my heartfelt observation that a critical threshold of spiritually alive humans have grown so excellently in confidence and wisdom, that the old hierarchies must resort to ever more vulgar contrivances to preserve their reins of power. Understand then, that the daybreak of a new higher consciousness will be heralded not by gentle awakenings and well-mannered transitions, but by bewildering fragmentation. Just as these patterns of collapse were experienced in many people’s personal lives throughout 2015, so now they are shaking the very foundations of Empire. Towering ramparts that once seemed so impossibly daunting and everlasting, will soon be little more than forlorn ruins.

We are upon the eve of the grand winter solstice of Empire, and the longest darkest night will seem interminably protracted and bone-chillingly cold. But like all things, this too shall pass. And the daylight will lengthen and the new growth that we have envisioned for so long will blossom – if we let it. We made Empire and we must unmake it. As a thing is bound, so it is unbound. Deeds not words. Learn the art of depolarization and nothing can stop you.

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5 Responses to 2016 The Year Ahead

  1. Heather Awen says:

    Thanks, I’m really sick and it makes me get really depressed , it’s just have the hypoglycemia and the infections in the brain together along with the insomnia . It’s really nice to read something that is positive and also believable. We need a vision of what we want collectively that is obtainable far more than we need more x-rays and blueprints of the world as it is today .

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been sick but glad you can continue to connect to online communities. As you hinted at, many of us struggle with finding balance whether between skepticism/idealism, emotion/rationality, analysis/action etc. Too much imbalance rarely works well for most people.

      • Heather Awen says:

        Yeah, otherwise it’s too easy to burn out in despair. Some action oriented activists use it to avoid looking inwards or stepping back to use discretion. I’ve always been too in my head, thinking too much, so I need action to balance me out. I used to try to do one of each daily even if for a few minutes: physical exercise while being mindful, creative project, spiritual practice, emotional connection, and intellectual stuff. I could combine them. Creative self expression renews me the most yet it’s the first to go! How human LOL. Now I have my values about 8 parts of life (hard to divide neatly for a mandala brain) to follow with realistic goals that change as needed, staying with the goal. And the values change in order depending on what’s happening. Again when I most need it I.forget it! Lyme steals time. Thanks for caring about me being sick, I’m starting to feel better for real! Start an enzyme tomorrow to eat the Lyme bacteria hiding places they make.

  2. Heather Awen says:

    Reblogged this on heather awen archives and commented:

    This is the kind of hope that I myself feel and it is very sustaining, much more than fighting against us and them , the question at the beginning is where I might have my most doubts.Are we ready to run our own world yet? When we can say yes to that, controlling water and sewage , building environmentally safe housing , feeding people with organic permaculture , having truly sustainable technology made with what we have where we are that we can fix ourselves and teach to others then the answer is we are ready . The reason I think we can do it is because almost every human on earth has done this and I can’t imagine that we have devolved to a point where we can’t take care of our own communities and ourselves .

  3. Heather Awen says:

    Love it even more than any of the rest. I’m just going to just re-blog everything you do while I’m sick

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