Revolution is On Doorstep in the US


By Valery Kulikov

President Obama just like any other US politician is particularly keen on criticizing human rights situations in other countries, while glorifying the ideals of “American-style democracy.” Moreover, these topics are not simply the prime topic of his speeches, but the basis for meddling in other countries’ affairs under the guise of “promoting democracy”. To carry out these operations the US has been heavily funding a countless number of NGOs and when those fail to stage a coup d’etat – usually a military intervention follows. This was the case in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and a number of other states.

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2 Responses to Revolution is On Doorstep in the US

  1. The only thing I see blocking revolution is wedge issues Obama and other liberals promote (like gun control and smoking cessation) to keep the left and right perennially at each others’ throats. It’s a great pit when there is such strong agreement in other areas, such as ending the wars in the Middle East, legalizing cannabis and abolishing the Federal Reserve.

    • Wedge issues are a valid concern, but I think more immediate obstacles are social conditioning of the general population, increasingly powerful police/surveillance state and economic pressures (which may blowback when it reaches a certain point).

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