A Green Beacon of Hope


Aesliip shares some of his adventures at the first Seattle Cannabis Cup at the Weedist. The event is organized by High Times magazine and is sort of a trade show for cannabis growers and medical dispensaries as well as a competition awarding a prestigious prize for growers. The Cup is traditionally held in Amsterdam, but since the passing of legislation in Colorado and Washington that legalizes recreational cannabis use, it is now being brought to the U.S. Here’s a sampling of what Aesliip observed:

The various booths had every kind of marijuana in every form you could think of. It was like a candy store; and there were tons of free samples. As I mentioned before, you could get dab samples at almost every booth, but there were also bong samples, tincture samples, and edible samples. I wanted to sample everything but I was also trying to not fall asleep on the sidewalk.

Cannabis Cup Seattle - WeedistI sampled a fair bit, though, especially when 4:20 came around. The California Finest booth was tossing out free individually wrapped joints, brownies, and random apparel into the crowd.

I caught one of the joints with my index finger and thumb which was awesome because one, I was stoked that I caught one and two, that’s how you hold a joint. I promptly opened it and lit up, as did many others who had caught the flying joints. Within a few minutes there had to be like 10 or more joints being passed around the small crowd, which I thought was hilarious.

Read the full story here: http://www.weedist.com/2013/09/adventures-seattle-cannabis-cup-2013/

I never would have thought such an event would be possible on U.S. soil. It shows just how relatively quickly public perception can change, how decades of propaganda are no match for genuine education and experience, and how in some cases even the feds are powerless to stop social/cultural movements. Mass cannabis legalization has the potential to help heal the nation physically, psychologically, economically and spiritually, as long as it isn’t co-opted, monopolized, chemically processed, genetically modified, etc.

Guy Evans and Cuban wrestler and rapper Konnan talk about the drug war at the Smells Like Human Spirit podcast. It’s an interesting conversation that connects the issue to Mexican gang wars, the corrupt political system and the prison-industrial complex before going on related tangents such as the military-industrial complex, foreign wars, the Occupy movement and the surveillance state.

Show link: http://www.smellslikehumanspirit.com/2013/09/konnanmlw.html

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