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‘What More Do You Need to Know?’ Health Insurance Stocks Drive Wall Street Rebound on Biden Super Tuesday Wins

“Biden is the preferred candidate for the financial markets.” By Eoin Higgins Source: CommonDreams Health insurance industry stocks surged Wednesday morning in the wake of former Vice President Joe Biden’s strong showing in the Democratic presidential primary’s Super Tuesday contests, … Continue reading

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The Dem Establishment Successfully Cinched a Biden Super Tuesday Victory

Super Tuesday has raised the stakes and set the stage for a battle for the Democratic Party’s soul; one that will decide if it stays the course with neoliberalism with Biden or moves towards a progressive social-democratic model with Sanders. … Continue reading

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Was Super Tuesday Rigged?

By Jerry Kroth Source: The Hampton Institute Social scientists have long known that releasing poll information early, before polls have closed, has two effects: first it decreases voter turnout by about 12 percent,[1] and it increases the bandwagon effect, where … Continue reading

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