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A Dollar Collapse Is Now In Motion – Saudi Arabia Signals The End Of Petro Status

By Brandon Smith Source: Alt-Market.us The decline of a currency’s world reserve status is often a long process rife with denials. There are numerous economic “experts” out there that have been dismissing any and all warnings of dollar collapse for … Continue reading

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Dollar As World’s Reserve Currency Threatened

By Stephen Lendman Source: Stephen Lendman Blog US dollar dominance finances Washington’s reckless spending, global militarism, its empire of bases, endless wars, corporate takeovers, as well as speculative excess creating bubbles and economic crises – at the expense of democratic … Continue reading

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The Global De-dollarization and the US Policies

By Vladimir Odintsov Source: New Eastern Outlook In its quest for world domination, which the White House has been pursuing for more than a century, it relied on two primary tools: the US dollar and military might. In order to … Continue reading

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