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Mass Distraction And Fake “V-Shaped” Recovery Provide Cover For The Fed Induced Crash

By Brandon Smith Source: Alt-Market.com This article, originally titled ‘The Fed Just Got Cover For The Collapse Of The US Economy’, was written by Brandon Smith and first published at Birch Gold Group The scapegoating has already started. In almost every … Continue reading

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The Corporate Debt Bubble Is A Train Wreck In Slow Motion

By Brandon Smith Source: Alt-Market.com There are two subjects that the mainstream media seems specifically determined to avoid discussing these days when it comes to the economy – the first is the problem of falling global demand for goods and … Continue reading

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The Poverty Machine: Student Debt, Class Society, and Securing Bonded Labor

By Jeremy Brunger Source: The Hampton Institute At the dawn of the 20th century, very few American students attended high school, as the demands of the heavy-industrial and the agricultural economies of that period were ill-suited to an extended education … Continue reading

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