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What You May Not Know About Today’s Economic War

By Phil Butler Source: New Eastern Outlook Many people believe the world is spiraling in a downward freefall toward Armageddon. At the same time billions on Earth feel the sting of crippling poverty, sanctions, and austerity imposed by the elites … Continue reading

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Brexit Is What Happens When the Pie Is Shrinking

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds This process of withdrawal into the relative safety of internally cohesive groups and group identities is intrinsically messy in globalized, multicultural societies. A great many narratives are drifting around the Brexit pool: … Continue reading

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Diary of an American Terrorist

While searching for some light reading a few months ago I was delighted to discover the work of Thomas Ligotti. His unique take on the horror genre in “My Work is Not Yet Done” was so powerful and relevant to … Continue reading

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European Television’s Double Standards

Lately I’ve been enjoying the program “Double Standards” on the Press TV YouTube channel. It’s a London-based news and satire show hosted by Afshin Rattansi. While it may not be as consistently funny and polished as “The Daily Show” and … Continue reading

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