Status of Perpetual War on Humanity by the Empire of Lies

By Stephen Lendman


US history includes forever war on humanity in pursuit of its hegemonic aims.

The same goes for its decadent Western allies.

Russia and most other countries prioritize peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and compliance with the rule of law — notions the empire of lies and its subservient satellites abhor and don’t tolerate.

Commenting on Russia’s denunciation of the decadent Council of Europe (CoE), Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the following on Thursday:

Hostile to Russia CoE regimes are destroying “humanitarian and legal space in Europe.”

Things are fast “approaching a point of no return.”

“Russia will not accept subversive actions taken by the West to replace international law.”

Hegemon USA and “its satellites are trampling (it) underfoot, with a ‘rules-based order’ on the rule of law.

Russia wants no part of it and is walking away to higher ground.

Separately, Zakharova slammed the US for longstanding “persecution and discrimination of Russian compatriots in the US, including in everyday life, on ethnic, cultural, linguistic (or other) grounds.”

Its war on Russia by other means includes false charges against Russian nationals in the US and abroad, bullying other countries to extradite targeted individuals to the US.

Once on its territory, longterm imprisonment without due process follows, including torture and other human rights abuses.

Despotic regimes across the board operate this way.

Hegemon USA ranks with the worst of the worst.

Separately, Sergey Lavrov slammed the BoJo regime’s imitation foreign secretary Truss, an embarrassment to the position she holds, saying:

She lied accusing Russia of intending to attack Baltic countries and Moldova.

“It’s not us that are talking about it.”

It’s “Liz Truss, (an infamous figure known) for her aphorisms.”

Her Russophobia is “quite exemplary of (decadent) English culture, politics and diplomacy.”

“That’s because the British wrote the fake testament of Peter the Great in exactly the same way.” 

“This basically goes along the same lines.”

On possible talks between Vladimir Putin and US-installed puppet Zelensky, Lavrov said Russia rejects talks for the sake of holding them alone.

Its leadership and officials across the board “seek to formalize agreements” that advance positive interests, notably by resolving issues.

Talks between preeminent world leader Putin and US-controlled Zelensky would be farcical and unproductive at best, an embarrassment to Russia at worst by dealing with a powerless figure controlled by his master in Washington.

Separately on Thursday, Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman General Konashenkov updated the results of Russia special military operation so far, saying:

“Strikes against Ukrainian military infrastructure are continuing.” 

“Since the launch of the operation, Russian forces have incapacitated 2,911 military facilities in Ukraine.”

Its campaign destroyed 98 planes, 110 unmanned aerial vehicles, 144 anti-aircraft missile defense systems, 86 radar stations, 1,007 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 109 multiple rocket launchers, 374 field artillery and mortars, and 793 special military vehicles.”

It’s just a matter of time before Ukraine’s war machine is a spent force.

As more US/Western weapons pour into Ukraine, they’ll be destroyed.

Perhaps a good many weapons will end up outside the country in hostile hands, posing a major threat to other countries.

Nations that “pump up Ukraine with weapons must also understand that they are responsible for their actions,” said Lavrov. 

“(C)ountries in favor of sending mercenaries to Ukraine to fight in the spirit of traditions, which ultra-radicals and other military battalions installed in a daily-life of Ukrainians,” may end up dealing with them on their own territory.

In similar fashion to hostile US/Western actions against Russia, Zelensky signed a decree to confiscate Russian property in Ukraine.

A Final Comment

Lavrov stressed the following about Russia’s special military operation:

It was launched because the “situation (in Ukraine) poses threats to 

Russia’s security” by waging forever war on Donbass on its border.

“Despite our years-long warnings, reminders, calls and proposals, no one listened to us.”

Vladimir Putin spoke “on this topic more than once and in meticulous detail.”

“And new facts that are now being exposed on liberated territories, in particular in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, indicate that (a large-scale cross-border) attack on these republics was plotted.” 

“It was planned thoroughly and was scheduled for this month.”

Russia has no plans to occupy Ukrainian territory.

Its aims are to demilitarize and deNazify the country, wanting it returned to independent status free from foreign control, to prevent it from developing dirty or conventional nukes, — to restore peace and stability to central Europe.

Separately on Thursday, Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov slammed the US-dominated West for “default(ing) on its financial obligations to Russia, (for) fr(eezing) our gold and foreign exchange reserves, (for waging full-scale) financial and economic war,” adding:

US/Western regimes “are trying to create a shortage of everyday imported goods in our country.”

“They are forcing the closure of successfully operating enterprises with foreign capital.”

Do its ruling regimes have humanity-destroying nuclear war in mind?

In response to what’s going on, Siluanov said stabilization of Russia’s financial system is a top priority.

A number of steps are being taken, including to prevent capital from leaving the country and establishment of “special procedures for servicing external debt.”

Some actions have already been taken.

“(T)he outflow of funds is stabilizing.”

“Cash withdrawals have practically stopped.”

Russia’s balance of payments “is improving.”

Public sector conditions are under control.

Salaries, benefits and pensions are being paid.

“Non-oil and gas revenues are expected to decline.”

“This is offset by an increase in oil and gas revenues.” 

They’ll be used “to reduce borrowing and public debt in the current environment, and finance priority spending.”

At this time, about 310 foreign companies, suspended, terminated or are limiting their operations in Russia.

Vladimir Putin expressed support for nationalizing assets they left behind to protect employment of their staff under new management.

Separately on phony Western and Kiev accusation of bombing a Mariupol hospital by Russian forces, its Defense Ministry spokesman General Konashenkov said the following:

Russian aircraft performed “absolutely no tasks” in the Mariupol area.

“Analysis of statements made by…the Kiev nationalist regime, photographic materials from the hospital leaves no doubt.” 

“The (fabricated) ‘airstrike’ (claim) is a completely orchestrated provocation to maintain anti-Russian hype for the Western audience.”

“A high-explosive aviation munition simply would not have left anything from the outer walls of the building.”

The facility’s “staff and patients were dispersed by the nationalists.”

“Due to the favorable tactical location close to the city center, the hospital building was converted into a stronghold of the Azov nationalist battalion.”

Its Nazified forces attacked Russian medical personnel and vehicles — “deliberately ambushing” them.

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