Two for Tuesday

Prince EA

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4 Responses to Two for Tuesday

  1. They’ll dig it! They have cypher competition and the most well read guys win the battle rap.

  2. I dig the research he did on marijuana! I just don’t really understand what his other video is about. But he’s got a better sound than most hip hop – it’s really art, and educational. He’s like a new KRS ONE was. Smart is cool – Hell yeah. As a person with disabilities that my doctor is now about to start MMJ for – like fibromyalgia from a decade Lyme and Babesia turning a recently named hyperreactive immune disorder Mast Cell Activation Disorder, just shown to be the cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /ME (about which we knew nothing), to explode into so many horrible bizarre disorders it’s hard to name them all. Hopefully the right MMJ will work for the pain.

    I sometimes copy stuff from your blog for guys in prison. They’re starved for information. I’m definitely copying the lyrics to The Brain by Prince EA, because they’ll did it. Rock.on!

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