Saturday Matinee: Last Days of Coney Island

In the cheap glitter and glow of a fading Coney Island a group of characters live out their sordid, strange lives trying to get somewhere fast – any way they can. Desperately trying to love and be loved. These cops, call girls, mafia hoods, transvestites, fortune-tellers, clowns, and freaks are all intertwined, heading on a crazy roller coaster ride into a black hole they think is life.

All of these characters are totally removed from the 60s America that, at the same time, is violently changing its values, fast. It is how hard they try, with the deck stacked against them, that we root for them in amazement. The film is done in funny hand drawn animation which makes their story even more amazing to watch. We invite you to enjoy the show.

Created, Written, and Directed by Ralph Bakshi, LAST DAYS OF CONEY ISLAND is Produced by Edward Bakshi, with music by Mark Taylor. Zac Wittstruck is the editor, animation & backgrounds are by Ralph Bakshi. Sound design and mixing by Kathleen Edwards, Tor Kingdon (Hear Kitty Studios).

The main character voices are: “Shorty” – Omar Jones “Louie” – Rick Singer “Molly” – Tina Romanus “Louise” – Esperanza Quintero “Max” – Robert Costanzo

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