Saturday Matinee: Military Intelligence and You!

“Military Intelligence and You!” (2006) is a satire poking fun at the military-industrial complex written and directed by Dale Kutzera. Using public domain archival WW2 propaganda films mixed with new footage, the film tells the story of military intelligence officer Major Nick Reed (Patrick Muldoon) whose job is to locate a secret enemy base housing the dreaded Ghost Squadron. Complicating his mission is the reappearance of his former love, Lt. Monica Tasty (Elizabeth Ann Bennett), now dating fellow Major Mitch Dunning (Mackenzie Astin). There’s also a notable appearance of a gung-ho fighter pilot played by a young Ronald Reagan.

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7 Responses to Saturday Matinee: Military Intelligence and You!

  1. Further, I note that this post has a number of likes which would seem to indicate that others have watched that movie without a problem. I just asked a technician if it is possible for one person to view something without a problem and another to experience malice when viewing or attempting to view the same thing and they said it is (?!). I have not heard of this before. This, then, appears to have been what I experienced. To repeat, I did two clicks – on your link to get to the movie and then on the movie.

    • I thought about those points as well but agree it’s best to err on the side of caution in case anyone else might have an experience similar to yours. I always test links myself before posting but it’s possible that the level of safety of a link can change (especially if spammy advertisers are used). I appreciate the heads up and know it was for the best interests of others visiting the site.

      • That is why I contacted you. Thank you for your response. This has been a learning experience for me – I will look further into how it could be possible for one person to be caught and another not, even though both took the same steps. Also, I have always thought of pop-ups as framed windows within the browser window but apparently the entire browser window could be a pop-up. Another subject for my further investigation.

  2. The page for that movie is malicious. You should remove it.

    • The page itself is not malicious but advertisers on it may be. One must be careful not to accidentally click on ads but it helps to have a pop-up blocker and to clear cache if/when they pop up.

      • I am careful and all was well until I clicked on the movie to run it. At that point that page was replaced by another that stated that my computer was infected with 3 trojans and my browser froze. I had to start my computer again to get past the problem which was with the movie itself. I didn’t click on any ads and think of pop-ups as the smoke of malice.

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