Saturday Matinee: The Monkees (The Frodis Caper)

“The Frodis Caper” (aka Mijacogeo) was the final episode of the music/comedy series The Monkees, and originally aired on March 25th, 1968. Directed and co-written by Mickey Dolenz, the plot focuses on the Monkees’ efforts to thwart a conspiracy by the Wizard Glick (Rip Taylor) to control the minds of the masses via television hypnosis with the aid of an alien Frodis plant. Besides the episode’s thinly veiled critiques of mass media, The Frodis Caper is notable for its’ overt psychedelic references, anti-war Monkees song Zor and Zam, and a transcendent solo acoustic performance of Song of the Siren by Tim Buckley ( a song which was later popularized by an arguably superior version performed by Elizabeth Fraser).

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3 Responses to Saturday Matinee: The Monkees (The Frodis Caper)

  1. The Monkees starred in a cinematic production entitled ‘Head’ that I happened to have found fascinating. The theme was almost surrealist in nature and not what one would expect from a manufactured group of teen pop stars.

    • Thanks for mentioning that film. “Head” was more compelling than most people expected, probably in large part due to director Bob Rafelson, who also produced Easy Rider and directed Five Easy Pieces and King of Marvin Gardens. Though it should be noted Monkee member Michael Nesmith served as producer for at least a couple subversive comedies, Repo Man and Tapeheads.

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    Reblogged this on PliscaPlace and commented:

    ” …control the minds of the masses via television hypnosis… ”
    –no way, could that ever happen, right? right?

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