Angelic Wars, Heart Openings and We the People

By rahkyt

Source: Sacred Space in Time

The awakening of the heart is not affecting us all the same way. Some people are lightening their psychological load, working through their issues, reconciling their pasts and choosing to be present in the Now in order to choose the best future.
Others are decidedly not doing that. For them, the heart is trying to open but they force it shut again, perhaps afraid of what is bubbling up to the surface. Traumas of childhood and life, hatreds and shames, dysfunctions sealed in by years of practice, thoughts acted out upon that should have been exorcised long ago.

But this is the way of things in the days of Light and Dark, when energies of such sublime potency inundate the earth, bringing us to our own personal encounters with angels and demons, gods and goddesses, the one God of All and his most beautiful angel Lucifer, the Light-bringer, too. Your orientation matters not, as dark and light as polarity manifest serve the deepest and highest Truth simultaneously. Names change over the span of the infinite and the eternal, but energy-types/archetypes do not. How we each choose is a function of who we are truly, not who we think we are.

Sometimes when you think your personality is who you are, you can make the mistake of choosing self-flagellation and suffer from martyr complexes, punishing yourself for sins imagined, not sins actualized. Human laws are not Divine laws in most instances although the original intent was to mirror heaven on earth, but we all see how that is working out.

The murderous and soulless serve the good as object lessons to the souled, every atrocity committed in darkness gives rise to the light in you, in me, can’t you feel it burning inside, when you read about the one who murders nine in a church, another today who murders eight after fighting with his ex, that one who killed two and injured another after hating two and the one who stopped another from killing hundreds, just because it was in his soul to hug a man, no matter the consequences.

The Light is born within as we see it without, you can feel it as a warmth, a vibration that rises from your core to permeate and encompass all of your very Being – from essence to ego – straining for release, in tears, in cries out to creation, to rising joy and righteousness as a quality of existence itself, bringing out the highest and most perfect Love, which is that Most High expression of multiversal consciousness encapsulated in form.




This world is perfect in its imperfection and nothing you and I do – or those others out there of each polarity and every shade of potentiality in between – is not known beyond the sphere of time and space that limits our perception of the Greater Good, whatever that might look like and mean beyond our limited conception of such infinite and eternal qualities.

Perhaps this is why believing is different from knowing, why data and information can often be a perceptive trap rather than an aid in our personal evolutionary schema. Garbage in, garbage out and the monkey mind ruminates endlessly observing the cascade of thoughts and processes beyond necessity, bordering closely upon the realms of obsessive compulsion and neurosis.

Once the heart opens, it cannot be stopped. For those who attempt it, perhaps they can quell it for a spell, clamp down with their will, shut out the dark corners of their minds and seek the sunshine of false cheer and the surface veneer of shiza and shinola. But it is a losing proposition. If not now, then later, the hurt and pain and agony and rage and despair will spill out indiscriminately, affecting all held dear, prized or cherished, depending upon the original state of inherent spiritual nature.

But for my soul peeps, my sista and brotha souls, those awakened who know they are here to combine in heart-born alliance to carry this planetary body into a new expression of potentiality, even if we do not live to see it, our job will be done, our purposes will become manifest. Our children will carry on. The light will live on, but for today, in the Now, each choice passes through the crucible of Divine fire that lives within us, each decision is pounded out on the crux, the core black hole/white hole singularity we call the heart, exuding energetic frequencies that birth the future through our own unique and fated expression.

The Fallen rise again, the Old Ones embody in form and nature, the cycle turned spiral tube torus-like in Fibonacci patterns of predestination and fate. The mind informs the practiced heart and what is prophesied becomes a fait accompli. Such is life in these wild, wild days. Feel the burn, process and accept the grief and the joy, stoking the fire within in preparation for the ascension of phoenix-like glory that is promised. The best future was chosen in the past and Now, we must live it.

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  1. Best article I’ve read all week.

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