The Belated Downfall of Bill Clinton


One of the unintended consequences of Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been the renewed and often revealing public appearances of Bill Clinton. His involvement in Hillary’s campaign has been a series of awkward events, from violating election campaigning laws back in March to his condescending treatment of Black Lives Matter protesters in April. Throughout May he was hounded on the campaign trail by criticism of corrupt practices of his foundation. In late May what what was supposed to be a routine campaign stop at a New Mexico diner escalated to a grueling 30 minute argument with Bernie Sanders supporter Josh Brody.

At another restaurant appearance in Los Angeles’s Watts neighborhhod last Saturday, Clinton had the misfortune of being there at the same time as 23 year old Sarra Tekola of Women of Color Speak Out, who did exactly that when she ambushed him by shouting “Hey Clinton, fuck you! My people are still in jail from your crime bill! Three strikes – you’re out, mandatory minimum, then you wanna take pictures with my people here? We’re still in jail for what you did!” (an inspiring moment documented by a widely viewed viral video).

The next two days while giving a speeches in Boyle Heights and Richmond, Clinton faced more heckling from Sanders supporters and on Monday he was also confronted with the news that his brother Roger, who on his last day in office Bill pardoned for cocaine dealing, was jailed for drunken driving.

Though it’s likely Hillary and Bill will be back in the White House (barring a surprise intervention of hackers/whistleblowers), their public image is unlikely to get any less loathsome and any illusions citizens may still hold regarding positive aspects of their legacy will continue to crumble. Angry disenfranchised voters of all stripes will never cease to hold them accountable for their misdeeds for the rest of their days.

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