Hillary Clinton is an Astrological Plague (Gonzo & Conjure ’16)


By Dr. Bones

Source: Disinfo.com

“He talked about luck and fate and numbers coming up, yet he never ventured a nickel at the casinos because he knew the house had all the percentages. And beneath his pessimism, his bleak conviction that all the machinery was rigged against him, at the bottom of his soul was a faith that he was going to outwit it, that by carefully watching the signs he was going to know when to dodge and be spared. It was fatalism with a loophole, and all you had to do to make it work was never miss a sign. Survival by coordination, as it were. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but to those who can see it coming and jump aside. Like a frog evading a shillelagh in a midnight marsh.”- Hunter S. Thompson

There are times when the entire cosmos turns against humanity for whatever reason. Perhaps the gods are fickle or better yet intent on keeping humanity’s collective nose in the dirt. The cosmic explosion of Mars, Mercury, and Pluto joining Saturn and Jupiter in a massive retrograde has devastated nearly everyone I know. People have been murdered, jobs lost, houses caught fire, infectious diseases caught, and my own car took a shit and died an hour outside of where I live.

And Hillary fucking Clinton, the horse-thief and reptilian creature from the swamps of D.C., seems to be soaking in the malignant energy and using it to power her own nefarious schemes.

I had missed a week of reporting, the widespread panic and disasters leading to an uptick in people seeking answers and magical aid. Between peering into the realm of probability and haggling with spirits I had very little time for the National Cataclysm Affairs desk here at Disinfo. I hadn’t just been working but studying, picking up a copy of Hadean Press’ Conjure Codex, a fascinating little journal blending old school grimoires and demonology with New World traditions like my beloved Hoodoo as well as Quimbunda, Vodoun, and many others. Ole’ Bones was adding new techniques and allies to his repertoire(check my facebook for more on that).

I was studying a stolen borrowed copy of Jake Stratton-Kent’s superb edition of The True Grimoire, contemplating how the demon Surgat might help in road opening work when the editors at Disinfo called me.


“Hey, Bones! It’s XXXXXXXX over at Disinfo. What are you up to?”

“Me?” I peered over to the altar, a jar of graveyard dirt along with 13 different roots and herbs empowering the spirit of a dead soldier I needed for a case. “N-nothing in particular. Just uh….the usual.

Why are you calling me? Are you going to start paying me?”

“Uh….” The man on the line coughed, trying to distract from the question, “….hey, uh, noticed you haven’t posted in awhile. Everything alright?”

“Alright? No, everything is not alright. Between my car fucking blowing up and Mars deciding to take a fucking piss on humanity I would say it’s safe to assume nothing is alright. I’m knee deep in case work here, you know: clients, i.e. people that give me money for my services. D-do you know how much shit I need to get done before the moon starts to wane, let alone before the mansions of Al-Jubana and Iklil Al-Jabhah pass?”

“I uh…”

“Jesus CHRIST, your just walking around in all this aren’t you? Don’t you understand the very HEAVENS are against us?!? You’re letting your KIDS go UNPROTECTED through all this madness??? Y-y-y-you want them to be eaten alive by a pack of wild dingoes, or maybe even shot dead by some shitty cop with a chip on his-”

“BONES!” His shout came tinged with fear. When the wizards of the world start to board up their windows for a storm you can’t see the wise are quick to follow. “Look man, just…just email me whatever you think I should do. But I need another piece.”

Truth be told I had one bumping around in my head, for just as surely as the fortunes of my clients faded as Mars dropped ever out of sight, so too the American “people” seemed doomed in the truest, most poetic sense of the word.

Hillary is that doom.

It’s should come as no surprise that American elections are rigged. Everybody who isn’t completely braindead (so of course we’re speaking about a minority here) gets that uneasy feeling in the stomach about electoral politics. Like someone trying to sell you a car radio in front of a liquor store it seems shady as all hell.

That’s because it is.

First let’s recall that while you may be free to vote in whoever the hell you want, the actual lawmaking part is out of the hands of both you and your “representative.” Take for example ALEC, the massive corporate lobbying machine, merely one stinky carp in the cesspool that is American politics. They simply offer “ideas” on bills to be submitted to congress that heavily favor corporate interests and they pay their lapdogs well. Most may be voted down, but consider that while a success rate of 9% may not seem like alot, less than 2% of introduced bills passed the 112th session of the U.S. Congress. That means that bills based on ALEC policies have a survival rate nearly 5 times that of the average bill in Congress.

Or, to put it in the vernacular “shit walks, money talks.”

Corrupt is one thing. Hell, even the Vatican Bank launders drug money. Corrupt is no surprise. Even stolen elections are no surprise, but at least they never did it in plain sight.

This Hillary thing is a new beast entirely. Let’s recall that this thing all started less like a campaign and more like a mafia.

“In August 2015, at the Democratic Party convention in Minneapolis, 33 democratic state parties made deals with the Hillary Clinton campaign and a joint fundraising entity called The Hillary Victory Fund. The deal allowed many of her core billionaire and inner circle individual donors to run the maximum amounts of money allowed through those state parties to the Hillary Victory Fund in New York and the DNC in Washington.

The idea was to increase how much one could personally donate to Hillary by taking advantage of the Supreme Court ruling 2014, McCutcheon v FEC, that knocked down a cap on aggregate limits as to how much a donor could give to a federal campaign in a year. It thus eliminated the ceiling on amounts spent by a single donor to a presidential candidate.

In other words, a single donor, by giving $10,000 a year to each signatory state could legally give an extra $330,000 a year for two years to the Hillary Victory Fund.  For each donor, this raised their individual legal cap on the Presidential campaign to $660,000 if given in both 2015 and 2016. And to one million, three hundred and 20 thousand dollars if an equal amount were also donated in their spouse’s name.

From these large amounts of money being transferred from state coffers to the Hillary Victory Fund in Washington, the Clinton campaign got the first $2,700, the DNC was to get the next $33,400, and the remainder was to be split among the 33 signatory states. With this scheme, the Hillary Victory Fund raised over $26 million for the Clinton Campaign by the end of 2015.”

The classic you-scratch-my-back-and-I-scratch-your’s.

And scratch they have.

In Iowa:

“It’s been reported that Hillary Clinton instructed her staff in Iowa to rig the caucus voting by falsely standing in the O’Malley corner of the room when the final precinct hand counts are tallied…

Mega-giant corporation Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now in charge of counting both the Democratic and Republican votes in this year’s state primary elections…the fact is the Gates Foundation along with Microsoft employees have literally donated millions of dollars to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation…

Both CNN and The Blaze reported that the final tally was missing votes from 90 Iowa precincts

C-SPAN actually captured on video at the Polk County precinct the caucus chair and the Clinton precinct captain not even bothering to conduct a final count of the caucus voters and then the Clinton precinct captain caught lying to the Sanders precinct captain…

This week in Iowa is that the results were determined by six coin tosses in a row all favoring Hillary to ultimately decide the winner. After six county precincts ended up in dead ties between Clinton and Sanders, by state protocol those six precincts did a coin toss to determine the winner and in all six counties we’re supposed to actually believe that Hillary’s tails won. Though Clinton’s known for telling fish tales, it shouldn’t have overturned the virtually impossible statistical odds of just 1.56%.”

In Arizona:

“The Arizona Democratic Party has officially announced that it will be investigating multiple accusations of election fraud across the state’s Democratic primary vote Tuesday, where voters who claimed to have previously registered as Democrats say their party affiliation was unknowingly changed to independent– and therefore, they weren’t allowed to cast ballots in the closed primary.”

In Nevada:

“The Nevada Democratic Convention…began with a highly debated decision to change the Convention rules despite not getting the needed majority of vocal votes. But at the end of the night, when a motion was made to recount the delegates, the chair of the Convention closed out the meeting without even giving the delegates’ a chance to say “nay”…The Convention is not reconvening tomorrow, it was announced. Instead, protesters will have to pursue legal avenues.”

In New York:

Multiple investigations were launched and a top election official was suspended this week after tens of thousands of registered voters were found to be missing from the rolls during Tuesday’s Democratic primary in New York….Entire blocks and buildings of voters in some districts were purged from the voter rolls, de Blasio said.

In Kentucky:

WKYT, a local news station in Kentucky, was told by the Pike County Clerk’s office that there were issues with one of their card readers, which caused a delay in the numbers. AP then erased the votes, pushing Hillary to the lead by over 4,000 votes….It was later reported that 31 counties in Kentucky reported election fraud on Tuesday.

Oregon alone seems untouched, mainly due to the automatic registration of all it’s citizens to vote, but that doesn’t stop the corporate owned media from howling about how “vulnerable” THAT system is; it’s quite telling that the one state possibly impervious to the Hillary Mafia is the only one they seem so concerned about, everybody else simply getting a shrug of the shoulders and almost no airtime.

The sheer audacity, the open contempt for the electoral system so plain for all to see not only hints that Hillary has been chosen as the next heir to the Imperium but that the Powers That Be couldn’t even bother to hide it from you.

That’s how little power you have, that’s how much “democracy” exists in the United States: Uncle Sam is literally ignoring your pleas and if he does hear you he spits in your face and simply says “what the fuck you going to do about it?”

All this during the election! She doesn’t even wear the drone-encrusted crown yet! What kind of madness might we expect when she sits upon the Throne of Skulls?

Ask our friends in Haiti.

“In June 2009, the Haitian Parliament unanimously passed a law requiring that the minimum wage be raised to $0.61 an hour, or $5 a day. (The average cost of living is estimated to be the equivalent of about $23 a day.) This pay raise was staunchly opposed by foreign manufacturers who had set up shop in the country, and the United States Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development backed those manufacturers. After Haiti’s government mandated the raise, the United States aggressively (and successfully) pushed Haiti’s president to lower the minimum wage for garment workers to what factory owners were willing to pay: the equivalent of about $0.31 an hour (or $2.50 per eight-hour day).

In 2011, WikiLeaks released a set of previously-secret diplomatic cables. The American publication The Nation partnered with Haitian news organization Haïti Liberté to cover them, finding (among other things) how strongly the United States had opposed the minimum wage hike”

Haiti, a nation that has been harassed and abused by the criminal Imperium of the United States since day-fucking-1, has become the playground for wealthy capitalists looking for a captive population to exploit. And the one leading the way for all the plunder is none other than the Clinton Foundation.

“Less than 1% of this amount(the $10 billion in aid) made it to the Haitian government. Bill Clinton had total control of the balance,” Dantò claimed.

She added, “Hillary and Bill Clinton ‘opened Haiti’ as their private asset to liquidate. They used the resources of the World Bank, the State Department, USAID, the UN, the private military security contractors, the US military, and the Fed’s passport and visa issuance capabilities. They got kickbacks called ‘donations’ from anyone who wished to buy from them a piece of Haiti lands, oil, iridium, uranium or gold. The Clintons have used governmental power to conduct their private business and called it ‘helping poor Haitians.’”

How much of a scum-sucking, evil, predatory reptile do you have to be to profit off of the earthquake that devastated Haiti? The Clinton Foundation not only sent toxic trailers to the homeless but mysteriously “misplaced” millions in aid and awarded building contracts to mostly non-Haitian companies.

It’s fucking Batista’s Cuba all over again, expect this time we made sure to import an Imperium-style police state, regardless if it was “needed:”

“The U.S. moved aggressively to beef up the Haitian police (PNH), giving police chief Mario Andrésol“command and control advice and mentoring” from Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and FBI agents while trying to ensure that Haitian police officers were paid and well-equipped. The DEA advisor was Darrel Paskett, whose first post-quake priority was directing his “well-armed” bulletproof-vested DEA agents to guard the U.S. Embassy from “huge crowds” of desperate Haitians that might overrun it, FOX News reported. The crowds never materialized.”

Taken all together what does Hillary mean for the American electorate?

It means that the gods themselves have conspired against us, that the United States has finally taken it’s dark turn from Empire to barbaric Thralldom; it means an openly criminal “government” that exists on a network of dirty money, whispered memos, secret handshakes, and backroom deals; it means human beings demoted to mere walking sources of profit, expendable livestock for Capitalists to fund million-dollar vacations and mansions in countries where the common folk eat on less than a dollar a day.

Hillary IS the wrath of heaven, a plague upon a nation of sinners that made it possible for such an invertebrate to even come into being; the Kingdom of Mole Rats has birthed a bloodthirsty creature hellbent on devouring as many souls as possible while she reshapes the face of the planet for her Neo-Liberal masters.

Buckle in comrades: a darkness not thus seen is slowly spreading across the savannah, propelled onwards by international finance and warmongers hungry for profit. The stars have aligned against the free-spirits; I write this from a Florida ER room, my wife having slipped into toxic shock mid-article. Like I said: bad shit is happening everywhere. Hillary is just a symptom. The stars and unseen hands toy with humanity and invisible currents shift the tides of the luck plane.

In this age of scavengers the jackals seek to capture the rotting throne for no other reason than to keep the tides of blood flowing, vampires seeking to drain us down to the very last drop. The stars smile upon the senseless bloodletting and those that would bring us holocaust are going to get what they can while the getting is good.

But, as we know, their best efforts are all for naught. Mars will return to it’s proper place, and the forces of death will in turn be feasted upon. The stars are never set, and even the moon must change in her courses; nothing can withstand the forces of entropy, even entropy itself. After the offending appendix is torn out of my wife her body will heal; just as the “body politic” is eaten and polluted by Hillary and her reptiles so too shall the time come when even her tyrannical efforts shall fail and she in turn is feasted on. This we have foreseen. Welcome to the motherfucking jungle that is modern living.

Hillary’s desperation only hints that things are far worse off then we can even imagine, and her crimes, though blatant, can only slow the inevitable. We Hyenas shall wait with bared fangs for the inevitable collapse.

The stars may not be right today, but they drift ever further in our favor.



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