Saturday Matinee: Seances


“Seances” is an experimental film project from Guy Maddin which began as an art installation piece shot in public over 18 days at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and over another 13 days at the Phi Centre in Montreal.  It’s intention is to mystically conjure long-forgotten stories of lost films from periods such as Hollywood’s silent era. Maddin invited the sad spirits of lost films to possess his assembled actors (including Mathieu Amalric, Charlotte Rampling, Udo Kier, and Geraldine Chaplin among others) and compel them to act out the old stories, while the spirit-photographer/director captured the precious narratives. The project’s website, which is currently the only way to view the project, randomly combines clips of the material in different combinations for every viewer creating a unique experimental short film that will never be seen again.

Watch it now here:

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