Two for Tuesday


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2 Responses to Two for Tuesday

  1. Thanks for the abundance of references. I could always use ideas for future posts!

  2. Heather Awen says:

    And again I thank you !
    I think this is so cool. I’m going to steal the idea but because I never leave this one room I have no idea when it is Tuesday or even what time it is so it’ll just be random , soundtrack for the revolution . Except of course for some reason WordPress is not allowing me to put up videos right now .

    It’s been so long since anyone’s exposed me to any music that is at all relevant , thank you .

    You really should have many many followers. I find it kind of strange that there is a person who is going through all the news everywhere and then picking the most interesting or relevant ones along with entertainment . I feel like we should be paying you to do this . I have course have no money so I guess what I mean is someone else should pay you to do this LOL . You make it so much easier . I am still baffled as to how you can always find a movie every week . The only free I could think of were metropolis , roadside prophets and if we allow a documentary , which I normally wouldn’t do because they are very entertaining they’re usually very depressing , the MC5 true testimonial and Roderigo D no Futuro . I may have seen that in like 1990 at ABC no Rio , I can’t remember where it was , but Roderigo D was about all of these real kids in the slums I think Brazil who were punks but none of them had any instruments so they would have shows where they would take turns singing sex pistols songs to each other . This was when business owners were paying the police to kill all of the street children at night , these are kids who were like three or four years old , but they were being paid pretty much kill anyone who is undesirable for businesses so by the time the movie even got to the United States Roderigo D was dead . It was a cool movie and I haven’t really been able to find anything about it anywhere . If you didn’t know that Roderigo D and a lot of the other people were dead or I should say officially disappeared , it’s even a fun movie .
    But it’s really amazing to me that you can find movies that are not documentaries about this sort of stuff .

    There is a woman who has a blog about music and she also is an activist so I asked her what songs are the ones that keep her going as an activist . It’s pretty fun to ask that because you can’t just listen to songs about how bad everything is, you have to listen to ones that give you some hope to . Like sly and the family Stone are really good to play when doing any sort of mindnumbing work that needs to be done . It’s interesting to try to think about what are the songs that motivate you as an activist either because they explain the problem really well or because they explain the solution really well or they help you feel less alone,. So I can play Black Sabbath war pigs and then the Staples sisters I’ll take you there and then public enemy say it like it really is and then stiff Little fingers Silverlining then play bikini kill no candy for you and then shine head who the cap Fits then the hellacopters free street and finish up with London calling by the Clash .

    Hey, wait, I just gave you my soundtrack for the revolution LOL.

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