Christmas Grab Bag (holiday music edition)


As mentioned last Christmas, one of my least favorite Christmas songs is Do They Know It’s Christmas. Particularly callous were the words sung by Bono: “Tonight thank god it’s them instead of you”. Despite the removal of that line for a new version from Band Aid 30, it manages to retain an offensively patronizing tone. To give Band Aid the proper ribbing they deserve, Bland Aid has released Fleece the World (Charity Begins at Home):

Patton Oswald shares his thoughts on a couple of other notorious Christmas songs:

New Song’s “The Christmas Shoes”:

and Alvin and the Chipmunk’s “Christmas Don’t Be Late”:

The Onion AV Club recently did an interesting post on the surprisingly bleak origins of a well-known Christmas standard.

If you need to end a Christmas party but guests won’t leave, just play this at high volume:

A surprisingly traditional version of The Christmas Song from John Zorn and Mike Patton:

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