Saturday Matinee: Twister


No, not the 1996 disaster flick, but a relatively little-known indie movie from 1989 directed by Michael Almereyda and based on the novel “Oh” by Mary Robison. The film explores the self-contained world of an eccentric family whose various escalating emotional issues coincides with an oncoming tornado.  What it may lack in comparison to a standard Hollywood budget and plot it more than makes up for in atmosphere, humor and unforgettable performances.

It features one of Harry Dean Stanton’s best performances (after “Paris, Texas” and Repo Man”), Crispin Glover’s most eccentric character (out of many he has portrayed), great supporting roles by Charlayne Woodard, Suzy Amis, Dylan McDermott, and cult actress Jenny Wright, and a cameo by William S. Burroughs.

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