Week of Revolutionaries

Looking at my Autonomedia Calendar of Jubilee Saints, I noticed this week is a particularly rich one for birth dates of prominent historical figures, each a revolutionary whether in the fields of politics, art and/or philosophy.


Today marks the 119th anniversary of the birthday of Augusto Sandino, national hero of Nicaragua and inspiration for the Sandinista movement. To learn a little more about his life in the context of Nicaraguan politics and history, read this overview written shortly after returning from my trip to Nicaragua.

Other birthdays this week:

The great modern American revolutionary and central figure in the civil rights movement Malcolm X was born on May 19 1925.

On May 20 1959, Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole was born. He was a talented musician and outspoken supporter of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement making him in a sense the Bob Marley of Hawaii.

May 21 marks the birthday of French Primitivist painter Henri Rousseau (1844) and Beat poet Robert Creeley (1926).

Composer, poet, philosopher and pioneer of afro-futurism Sun Ra was born on May 22 1914.

May 23 is the birthday of Transcendentalist and early feminist writer Margaret Fuller (1810) and San Francisco gay rights activist and political leader Harvey Milk (1930).

Lastly, May 24 1941 is the birthday of influential musician and poet Bob Dylan.

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