Saturday Matinee: Massacre at Central High


Though its unfortunate title makes it sound like a standard slasher film, Rene Daalder’s “Massacre at Central High” (1976) (aka “Blackboard Massacre” or “Massaker in Klasse 13”) is actually a clever political allegory in a high school setting. When new student David observes the degree to which the student body is dominated by a small clique of thugs, he sets out to liberate the school from its oppressors. Though he succeeds, conflicts soon arise among various factions to fill the power vacuum. Losing patience with everyone, David begins planning the destruction of the entire high school. The film is dated in terms of fashions and soundtrack and hamstrung by a low budget and occasionally stilted dialogue, but its message is timeless and problems it addresses such as bullying and high school violence are even more relevant today. Massacre at Central High is likely an inspiration for the later cult film “Heathers” (1988).

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