U.S Escalates Campaign Against Syria

The sounds of war drums and sabre rattling are getting obnoxiously loud as the U.S. government and allies continues their relentless rush towards war in Syria. Just as Colin Powell lied for the Bush administration to start the war in Iraq, John Kerry is doing the same to push for war in Syria for the Obama administration.

Via: 21st Century Wire:

Kerry is not just implying – he is insisting, that anyone who dare questions Washington’s own expedited, and fabricated version of events in Syria – is somehow immoral. Even though the US, UK and France lack any real proof that Assad has launched a chemical weapons attack against its own people, Kerry is, in effect, slandering anyone who has exposed the facts on the ground, including the UN, Russia and others who have taken a more sober approach to analysing the important issues.

Why the rush, and why the harsh and conclusive language from Kerry? The answer is simple: they must get their war underway before the real evidence can be shown to the world – that NATO’s US, UK, France and Turkish-backed rebels in Syria are out of control, and have been dabbling with chemical weapons and killing civilians under the direction of western intelligence agencies and private military contracting firms operating in the region. Israel is also involved, in cooperation with the US.

Full story: http://21stcenturywire.com/2013/08/27/john-kerry-delivers-obamas-war-declaration-against-syria/

Paul Craig Roberts provides more details about why the U.S. government and its allies seem so desperate to get a new war started in his latest essay: Syria: Another Western War Crime In the Making

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