The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Global Pandemic

By Cindy Sheehan

Source: Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

“I’m a scientist and I know what constitutes proof. But the reason I call myself by my childhood name is to remind myself that a scientist must also be absolutely like a child. If he sees a thing, he must say that he sees it, whether it was what he thought he was going to see or not. See first, think later, then test. But always see first. Otherwise you will only see what you were expecting. Most scientists forget that.” HHGTTG, Douglas Adams

Now that it appears that (for at least the time being) grossly profiting from the coronavirus issue is on the decline (except if anyone buys the “4th booster for Pfizer”) and gross war profiting is once again taking the lead, I want to reflect on MY experience with the Global Pandemic™.

I am a huge fan of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (HHGTTG) universe that was conceived and written by the brilliant Douglas Adams who died (years ago) at a too young age from unrelated coronavirus/vax heart disease.

In reflecting on the past two years, the closest match I came up with is I felt like one of the HHGTTG’s main characters, Arthur Dent.

As written, Arthur was a mild-mannered employee of the BBC who is wrenched out of bed when a construction crew comes to his home to demolish it for a highway overpass. He rushes out of his house and lies down in front of a bulldozer in his “dressing gown.” During this scene, his best friend Ford Prefect comes to “hitchhike” him off of planet Earth which is about to be demolished by the Vogon Construction Fleet aliens who are making a way for an intergalactic bypass. In both instances of demolition, the “plans” were available for view and comment in planning offices and it was too late to change anything.

Arthur goes through most of the five books in the series in a bewildered and befuddled state of mind in his dressing gown. I felt like this during much of the past two years, myself: I spent much of the time in lounging clothes, even when I went out. What was the use of getting dressed up to head to a grocery store just to put a mask on and be in disguise?

To be clear, I wasn’t in an Arthur Dent state because I had a loss of mental, or physical capacity, it was because the propaganda for the Global Pandemic™ (let’s shorten it to GloPan for the remainder of this piece) was SO obviously conflated mis/disinformation and that those around me seemed to be capitulating to it.. I was confused by the compliance, to say the least. For example, if we were told by the GloPan Chief-operating-officer (COO) Dr. Anthony Falsie, that “masks don’t work,” the GloPanBots didn’t wear a mask; When Falsie changed to “masks are mandatory and cloth masks are fine,” that’s what the GloPanBots did. Then it was “wear a surgical mask and a cloth mask over it,” “add a face-shield.” Every seamlessly told lie was shamefully obeyed by the masses without a hint of irony, or question.

To be honest, after the “two-weeks to flatten the curve” period was over and masks were being pushed hardcore in businesses that GloPanCorp allowed to remain open, I would wear a mask into grocery stores—which was the only place I went. However, I NEVER wore one outside, in my home, or in a car. Bollocks to that. Every time I passed a Masked Wonder on the street, they would do a panicked swerve and a few almost fell over trying to avoid me. I would always ask them, “Why did you do that, I am obviously NOT sick?” One woman even retorted “How do you know?” If I had more time to respond because she was already 1/2 block away from me in her rush to avoid proximity to any human not covering their breathing holes, I would have replied, “I think I would know if I were ill—and if I were ill, I’d be home bingeing Netflix.”


In the series, the HHGTTG is an actual, constantly updated book that gives Galactic Hitchhikers information about dining, drinking, avoiding monsters, and backgrounds on each planet. In fact, Ford Prefect, Arthur’s alien best-friend was on Earth working on Earth’s entry in the Guide. However, the only thing written in the Guide under the entry “Earth” says is, “Mostly harmless.” Printed on the cover of each HHGTTG is the advice “Don’t Panic.”

I feel like most of the human race just erased the word “Don’t” and panicked like crazy over a “Mostly harmless” pathogen. Now, don’t stop reading at this point, I will explain myself using science, not $cience.


“If there’s any real truth, it’s that the entire multidimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs.” HHGTTG, Douglas Adams

A real life pandemic has the potential to be VERY frightening—with so many dying, it would be impossible to count them, let alone bury them. There would also be very little immunity to the disease that would have the ability wipe out human-life on our planet. Even though the grossly inflated Cov-19 numbers were purposely significant so you would line up for an untested inoculation, the virus never got to the level of GloPan, nor does it deserve the hysteria and profound destruction that surrounded it.

We also don’t know, and may never know, the origins of Cov-19. Was it a U.S./China lab leak from Wuhan? Did it come from a wet market there? There was early speculation that the U.S. military brought it to China during a sporting event there in late 2019.

Was it intentionally, or unintentionally loosed on the world?

I am not in any of the above camps, but with the revelation of more than two-dozen U.S. bioweapon labs in Ukraine, the plot thickens, doesn’t it?

Coronaviruses have been with us for a long time. The disinfectant Lysol proclaims on its can that it kills 99% of coronaviruses (even before GloPan). As humans, most of us have built natural immunity to corona, but every now and then, a mutant comes to infect us. As observed with Cov-19, most of us develop mild symptoms that have the potential to be dangerous to the elderly and more vulnerable populations: Just like every flu-type pathogen that we’ve previously experienced.

Back in early 2020 when we started hearing about Cov-19, I wasn’t worried about the virus, because I had the attitude that even if I did contract it, I would more than likely be okay. I had a trip to commemorate International Working Women’s Day to several communities on the East Coast planned for early March, but I started to hear talk of quarantines (I don’t think we called it a “lockdown” yet, but prison-talk would gradually start to reveal itself) and I didn’t want to be blocked from returning home if I ventured outside of California. I mean, they forbade cruise ships from docking for days—we knew someone on one of them in the San Francisco Bay—and, then flights started to get cancelled, so I cancelled by activities and we were all hoping to reschedule soon.

“Soon,” became as long as “two-weeks to flatten the curve.” In March, 2020, I was sure that I would be able to travel for May Day; then it was the 4th of July—-Maybe Labor Day would work? It soon became apparent that 2020 was going to be a wash, but perhaps we could schedule some IWWD events for March 2021? Well, at the writing of this it’s April 2022 and I still haven’t been able to leave for the East Coast. Even though travel restrictions have loosened and it’s easier to travel, at this point, the issue for me is masking for half of a day—-I can barely wear one for 10-minutes, let alone 12-15 hours. Being fully un-jabbed is also a problem for some people and groups that I have worked with in the past.

How did my attitude develop towards Cov-19?

Why did I remain adamantly resistant to the agitprop? Why was I inherently immune to both Cov-19 and the coronaprop?

The answer is quite easy and evident: the same people/institutions that have lied and caused enormous harm to the people of this failed-state AND the world were telling me to panic. Literally. I never believed their bullshit about Global Terrorism (GloTerr), so why would I believe this (to me) obvious B.S. of GloPan?

Besides, who knows if I had Cov-19, or not? According to Dr. John Ioannidis, Professor of Medicine (Stanford Prevention Research), of Epidemiology and Population Health, over 70% (in cross-age demographics) who were tested positive for Cov-19 had zero, or mild symptoms. The alarming numbers came from comparing test numbers to deaths, instead of using IFR (infection fatality rate) which would have dropped the numbers dramatically. Also, the powers-that-be, have adjusting their ghoulish-death rate down and admitted that those who died had an average of over THREE co-morbidities. Not saying I am happy, nor am I minimizing the pain these deaths caused, but, it seems most people who died of Cov-19 were well on their way to meeting the Grim Reaper, anyway. Some people (like me) work diligently to make our bodies hostile to pathogenic invaders, while most Americans create a very welcoming environment for disease and chronic conditions. This circumstance can be changed, but it takes effort, where taking drugs is practically effortless (if you can afford them).

Most people listened to the $cience of those who were paid to come up with supporting $cience and feed it to the public through the stenographer media class. One of the most egregious examples of this is when the current director of the CDC Rachel Walensky said: “I first heard of the efficacy of the Covid vaccine from CNN.” What!? Part of her job is to literally investigate the safety and efficacy of medicines and they operate the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).

Pfizer spends millions of dollars sponsoring the legacy media and people like Bill Gates and Dr. Anthony Falsie have carte blanche to promote the propaganda that brings them fame and fortune. The $cience has become a cult of devotees called $cientism. Dr. Anthony (“If you attack me, you’re attacking science”) Falsie is the Pope of this new religion that still has a lot of fanatical adherents who pay a steep tithe for their fake sense of safety with their health and freedoms.

Recently, Pope Falsie has made another infallible (until it’s not) proclamation that the adherents of $cientism, and we heretics, now have to evaluate our own risk to viruses and proceed with our lives. Just like other religions who believe that with fear, sin can be eliminated, the High Priests of $cientism believe that viruses can also be wiped out. Neither view is healthy or productive.

I listened to the science of epidemiologists, MDs, virologists, and other researchers that not only didn’t profit from their truth-spreading, but got banned from social media, ridiculed by the profiteers, and, in some cases lost their jobs or their licenses to practice medicine. If you know the way propaganda works, you know that the voices of those who lie are most often elevated and the ones that go against those lies are silenced.

9/11 and GloPan

Were four buildings (three WTC and one Pentagon) hit by airplanes on 9/11/2001?

There are many narrative discrepancies with the official story that day. In the midst of the terror, confusion and manufactured nationalism, the Bush regime was already busy with its ultimate goal of invading Iraq (for the oil), by way of Afghanistan. Of course, neither country/leader had anything to do with the awful events of that day, but that didn’t matter to the oil-garchy. One ironic difference between the GloTerr response and GloPan was that Bush told us to travel and shop until we drop. During GloPan we could buy groceries, but all of our other purchases needed to come from Amazon, or other online options. So, while Bezos was hoarding enormous wealth and building space rockets during that time period, Main Street businesses struggled and a couple hundred-thousand of them were collateral damage.

Despite how Cov-19 came to the world and no matter what you believe: Deadly pandemic, or mostly bullshit, I think most of us can recognize that the PTB used it to deliver unbelievable and unconscionable profits to a very few. As the diminutive Rahm Emanuel famously said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” We can argue “Made it happen,” or “Let it happen” all day for the rest of our lives, but the bottom line is, whether we speak about 9/11 or GloPan, anyone with two-eyes can see that the response was destructive to the majority, and profitable for the few.

The Effects of GloPan on Children

The initial decision to close schools came as a not unwelcome measure to my grandchildren who were happy for a break. If they, and most other students, had known that the closures would extend to over a year and that the horrors of Zoom “learning” would be in their future, I am not sure they would have been so happy.

From the beginning of this “pandemic” we were hearing that Cov-19 did not affect children the same way that it was affecting adults. However, as the closures extended, we were hearing from studies in places like Sweden that decided to take a more measured (and more successful) response to Cov-19, that even if children tested positive, they were not ill, nor were they infecting other children or adults. In fact, the children acted like a sponge, soaking up the virus without it going anywhere else. If things were done naturally here, the students could have put a brake on infection rates.

Yet, the lockdowns and school closures dragged on, month after month. It seemed to my grandchildren and other students that no one in the government, or at their schools, cared much for their mental or physical health. Suicides and attempted suicides skyrocketed in this time period to a level which was a legitimate health emergency.

Recently, a survey delivered the sad news that 44% of teenagers report being depressed, or hopeless. If this stat doesn’t damn the management of GloPan straight to the burning depths of hell, I don’t know what does (maybe the Eldercide).

Milestone activities like prom, graduations, and sports were also taken away from the unlucky ones who happened to be of that age. Playgrounds were illogically and tragically roped off and beaches were closed. Anything that could actually enhance the natural immunity of children (and others) like fresh air, sunshine, sand, salt water, sports, and socialization were taken away. Instead of prescribing more vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D, we were told to isolate and quarantine. Here in California, to the credit of some Democratic lawmakers, they forced the lockdown fascist Newsom to reopen playgrounds making the correct claim that lower-income families and children suffered most from this misguided policy.

One thing the diseased ruling-class knows, and WE need to understand is that life is more than about avoiding germs (which is a ridiculous notion, anyway), but it’s about connections and health. The health of our children was negatively impacted by the Stasi-like measures that never made any sense from a logical or even public health standpoint.

Take two neighboring countries that took two different approaches, Sweden and Finland.

Sweden did not close schools, and Finland did. The infection rate of children 1-19 years of age were exactly the same: 0.005% The closures had zero affect on the children of either country.

The Hidden Tragedy of Eldercide

“They claimed it was for the sake of their grandparents and grandchildren, but it was of course for the sake of their grandparent’s grandchildren, and their grandchildren’s grandparents.” HHGTTG, Douglas Adams

As stated above, the justification for the flatten the curve bullshit was also put on the backs of the elders.

Andrew Cuomo of New York was one of the first governors to institute a policy of putting ill people in nursing homes, after first absolving said nursing homes from any legal liability if anything went wrong. Of course, this was for a price and an already greedy and shady businesses agreed to take in sick people to further put their elders at risk.

Cuomo is in some hot water now for hiding the nursing home deaths in his state. As of this writing over 15, 000 residents of nursing homes have allegedly died of C19, many due to Cuomo’s policies. But how awful it must be to die alone gasping for breath while no family members are allowed to visit? What? Sick people could be admitted to your family member’s room, but you can’t go visit your grandma?

Cuomo was not the only governor/health officer that took the “crisis” of GloPan to kill its elderly citizens. We identified at least a dirty-half dozen that did so: Newsolini of my state, California; and the governors of: Pennsylvania; New Jersey; Minnesota; and the liberal Republican in Massachusetts. Interestingly, DeSantis of Florida refused to do this and he is under fire for having a more measured response to GloPan.

Who or what were really “killing Meemaw?” Obviously, the policies of the lockdown regime, not your family members. There are many state governors, public health officials and random bureaucrats that need to be tried, convicted, and punished for crimes against humanity!

Alternate Realities

“Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?” HHGTTG, Douglas Adams

In about June of 2020, I began to see a very disturbing trend among my anti-capitalist/empire colleagues, friends, and comrades: they were uncritically following and promoting the establishment lockdown policies and propaganda. Not only were they mesmerized by propaganda, many of them began to attack people who had legitimate questions.

Even though I have had heaps of shit piled on me for not supporting the criminal likes of Obama, Clinton, or Biden, I was surprised by the vitriol heaped on me when I started to question the obvious lies and contradictions of the Cov-19 narrative. I thought that if someone was a friend of mine by the GloPan, they would have more trust in me. I went from being a principled critic of US Empire to being a “Qanon, proud-boy, Trumper.” It was hurtful because I thought my remaining friends were more high-quality than to become uncritical supporters of the media and government.

“The quality of any advice anybody has to offer has to be judged against the quality of life they actually lead.” HHGTTG, Douglas Adams

Suddenly, I (and many like me) were ridiculed and even being wished death from the GloPan. These virtue-signaling, do-gooders were all about no one dying from Cov-19, but it was apparently fine and dandy for people to die from being incarcerated in a nursing home with ill patients, or from having other health conditions deferred or denied. For two years (before “I Stand With Ukraine” became THE thing), “Covid” deaths were the only deaths that literally counted: EVERY DAMN DAY by the ghouls in the media and governments.

Professor Christian Parenti stated it much better in his article (original link)How the organized Left got Covid wrong, learned to love lockdowns and lost its mind: an autopsy

The socialist left, which wants to use state power to discipline capital has instead accepted the negative image of its goal: state power used to bully, harass, and discipline workers. The left’s embrace of Covid hysteria makes a mockery of the left’s goals of planning, industrial policy, economic redistribution, worker empowerment, and environmental sustainability. This leftwing self-harm will have deleterious consequences for years to come. Indeed, the situation is worse than a mere political fumble. The left is now actively helping its own enemies. In its unwavering support for mandates, passports, punitive lockdowns, and censorship, the organized left has sided with technocratic elites, the one percent, and the repressive state apparatus everywhere. 

The Aftermath

Children are suffering the most of the policies of a government that have never given any shits about your health—or the well-being of its children. We can’t let our guard down now because this episode was just too profitable, even though it seems like we are getting back to “normal.” You know, that normal where gas is almost $6/gallon and you have to get a payday loan to buy groceries—FYI, despite what CNN and MSNBC say, this is not Putin’s doing, it’s the hyper-inflation from lockdowns and creating trillions in “wealth” backed up by nothing.

The future is bleak, but we are still here. Whether we are jabbed, or not; whether we bought the BS, or not; we are all in the same boat; and that boat is sinking.

The Future

There is a moment in ever dawn when light floats, there is the possibility of magic. Creation holds its breath.” HHGTTG, Douglas Adams

My dream would be for people to never forget that the establishment is always at war with the working-class: their wars and pandemics and distractions are designed to divide us so we fight each other and not them. Why would anyone figuratively sign up to do the bidding of diseased capital? Especially those who understood this before GloPan?

Big pHARMa (reaping tens of billions of dollars in profit) and the Imperialists do not need your uncritical support when that support is detrimental to life on this planet.

For Bob’s sake, DON’T PANIC!

Never again!

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