Medical Tyranny the New Abnormal

By Stephen Lendman

Source: The Stephen Lendman Blog

State-sponsored/MSM supported medical tyranny is the new abnormal throughout the US/West and elsewhere worldwide.

I’m greatly indebted to numerous truth-telling medical and scientific experts for teaching me what I’ve learned about all things flu/covid — a medical education I never imagined getting pre-2020 but got since then on this most cutting edge of all issues.

To my great dismay, intelligent people I know are oblivious to reality on what’s crucial to know — believing rubbish fed them daily from official, MSM, and other disreputable sources instead of what’s scientifically indisputable.

Protecting and preserving public health and freedom depend on enough committed people rising up against what’s going on — slaying it before it slays us.

Relief won’t come judicially or legislatively.

On all issues mattering most, positive change never comes top down, only bottom up by committed people demanding no less.  

The anti-public health/anti-freedom scheme was planned well before its rollout early last year. 

As explained time and again, it’s all about wanting maximum numbers of unwanted people eliminated worldwide, along with transforming free and open societies into ruler/serf ones for survivors.

It’s a draconian new world order fit only for privileged interests at the expense or all others.

It’s what no one anywhere should tolerate, a tyrannical world that’s unsafe and unfit to live for the vast majority worldwide — the worst of all possible worlds.

Things don’t have to be this way.

Ordinary people have power to rise up against injustice, defy unjustifiable rules, disrupt best laid plans of dark forces and achieve positive change by their actions.

History proves it. Years of anti-war activism helped end a decade of US aggression in Southeast Asia — a pyrrhic victory as things turned out because anti-war activism waned.

The same applies to moving from chattel to wage slavery, from Jim Crow to its modern-day version, from freedom to mass incarceration, from healthcare as it should be to toxic mass-jabbing with unparalleled genocide in mind.

Governance of, by and for entrenched interests in the US/West and elsewhere is too debauched to fix.

The same goes for MSM guardians of wealth, power and privilege.

Scattered reforms won’t work. Transformational change is needed.

The only solution is popular revolution. Anything less assures no change of unacceptable same old, same old.

Wealth, power and privileged interests are enemies of ordinary people everywhere.

Collective defiance is needed to turn things from what’s destructive of the general welfare to what’s beneficial.

Former Pfizer vice president, its chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases, co-founder of Doctors for (flu/covid) Ethics, Dr. Michael Yeadon, is on the right side of history for this most crucial of all issues.

Commenting on what’s gone on since early last year, he said the diabolical scheme has nothing to do with protecting us, everything to do with establishing “totalitarian control.”

Fundamental freedoms are being abolished incrementally.

Things began by denying refuseniks free access to restaurants and other places where large numbers gather.

Widespread use of freedom-destroying health passports may follow as a requirement to stay free from societal isolation altogether.

Yeadon compared the above to “dropping a cancerous cell into your body (that) grows and metastasizes and then it kills you.” 

“(T)hat’s what” health passports are all about if instituted. 

“So don’t tolerate them anywhere,” Yeadon stressed.

Once instituted, metastasizing will “regulate access to essential services like food, money, fuel, trains and things like that.”

“You’ll never get rid of (them). We’ve got to stop (what’s going on) beforehand.”

Otherwise we’ll “lose the ability to decide where to be at any time.” 

Health passports will “regulate entry and exit from almost any controlled space, possibly even including your own home.”

“You’ll be required to keep your  passport up to date by being fully jabbed” — meaning forever-jabbed one or more time annually.

The more toxic jabs gotten, the sooner your end time will arrive, most likely very unpleasantly from painful and/or debilitating disease(s).

Getting informed from reliable independent sources, getting motivated and enraged enough to no longer tolerate what’s going on is the only way to halt it once and for all.

“(I)t’s us” on our own against the diabolical scheme. We alone can and must stop it.

The alternative is deeply entrenched tyranny, a permanent new abnormal, dystopia no one should tolerate.

Jabs are vehicles of mass-extermination.

Pharma profiteers and Big Government backers “are the most ruthless of all corporate entities,” Dr. Vernon Coleman stressed, adding:

It’s been known since last year that mass-jabbing “cause(s) heart trouble, strokes, neurological problems,” and other serious health issues.

Coleman believes that most jabbed individuals will be “lucky to last five years.”

Individuals taking them “should be considered suicidal or certified insane.” 

“Life expectation is going to fall dramatically – and not just because the quality of health care is deteriorating daily.”

“I honestly find it difficult to believe that there are people around who are so brainwashed and so terrified by the lies they’ve heard that they will accept as many jabs as they are offered.”

The power of repetition, especially on propaganda TV, gets most people — including intelligent ones — to believe almost anything no matter how scientifically or otherwise untrue.

With minimal effort, anyone connected online can learn enough about what’s going on from reliable, independent sources to know we’re being scammed by US/Western and other governments, Pharma and their MSM press agents.

Getting mad as hell, rising up and refusing to take it any more is the only way to beat the diabolical scheme.

Nothing else can work.

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