A Redditor Just Proved Clinton Proxies Tried to Frame Julian Assange


(Editor’s note: While the case presented by the research isn’t hard evidence, it it highly suspicious and deserving of further investigation. But don’t expect any investigation from corporate media, many members of which have been outed by Wikileaks as shills for Hillary Clinton.)

By Gary Barnes

Source: TruthKings.com

Redditor account Bopbopi posted an image this morning which follows the deceitful tale of the website, ToddandClare.com.

What you should know about the website:

This website is a supposed dating site whereas Julian Assange was allegedly offered $1 million to help create a video. It is supposedly owned by an Indiana couple, but has ties to the Bahamas. The UN opened a case on Assange and it is suspected this specific case is the fuel behind getting him extradited, possibly to the United States. But when you have a look at the site (which I encourage you to do), you will notice it is an extremely amateur website (search dating sites on Google and compare). How did an unknown dating site suddenly come up with $1 million dollars and why did they happen to choose Julian Assange as their desired contract worker?

Assange is now being accused of having cybersex with an 8-year old on the website. To be honest, most of the profiles appear to be fake (again, compare with other dating sites and draw your own conclusions).

Now check out the timeline posted on the previously cited Reddit account:


As of 10/21/16, ToddAndClare.com has posted the following message on their landing page:

Company Statement 10/21/2016

Following a serious hack of our website, to protect our members we’ve taken the decision to close the network until further notice. If you are a member of Todd and Clare requiring support, please contact us.

Further updates will be published on our blog.

We thank all our members, business partners, and associates for your support.

The Todd and Clare team


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2 Responses to A Redditor Just Proved Clinton Proxies Tried to Frame Julian Assange

  1. DREW5000G says:

    these people are close to the button, we need help

  2. jtremaine says:

    Reblogged this on OCCUPY AMERICA.

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