Roundup of Disturbing Roundup Statistics


Source: Washington’s Blog

Roundup is found in 75% of air and water samples.  Indeed, some farmers drench crops with Roundup right before harvest.

Roundup is linked to a number of diseases.

A study from the Journal of Organic Systems includes the following 12 charts which show the correlation between Roundup (technically known as “glyphosate”) and disease:

Thyroid cancer and GMOs
Renal disease deaths and GMOs

Urinary and bladder cancer and GMO
Hypertension and GMOs
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4 Responses to Roundup of Disturbing Roundup Statistics

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  3. Peter Schreiner says:

    They are, by intent and design, advancing perpetual illness as they slowly kill us.

    • As insane as it might seem to the uninitiated, that seems to be the reality of the situation. It’s an inevitable consequence of a system which rewards psychopathic behavior and has a disproportionately large number of psychopaths in positions of power.

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