Introducing Cascadia Vape


I’m proud to announce a new partnership with Cascadia Vape, a small business I’ve played a part in developing whose values are in close alignment with my own. Cascadia Vape is a retailer of electronic cigarettes and vaporizers from companies based in the U.S. Electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) and vaporizers (vapes) work by heating materials with a battery powered atomizer to produce vapors with far less toxins than those found in smoke. This isn’t to say they’re 100% safe since nicotine contained in e-liquids is still addictive and shouldn’t be consumed by minors, pregnant women, and those who have heart problems, allergies or other medical conditions which might be adversely affected by nicotine. However, I’d recommend Cascadia Vape for those who are already smokers or wish to enjoy the effects of nicotine (or in some cases, THC) without the tar, toxins and odors associated with smoking because electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are a relatively healthier alternative. If you aren’t in that category but know someone who is, please share the information with them. Unfortunately Cascadia Vape is currently are not selling to customers outside of the U.S. though this may change in the future.

As a token of appreciation for readers of this site, you can get free shipping by entering coupon code “heroics” at the Cascadia Vape shopping cart.

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4 Responses to Introducing Cascadia Vape

    • Thanks for the link. It was an interesting article addressing a number of big issues for the industry. About the argument that flavors will make e-cigs more appealing to children, the same can be said of alcohol. In such cases the problem can be solved by restricting sales to minors, better parenting and education based on scientific research.

    • Thanks for the support and the link. It’s not surprising that big tobacco is attempting to put itself at the forefront of the market despite their early attempts to demonize e-cigarettes. Hopefully people will realize such corporations which endanger so many lives with tobacco cigarettes will take the same approach towards their cheaply made e-cig products which often use disposable cartridges found to emit toxic fumes and heavy metal particles.

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